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A collection of Candis lace underwear in assorted colors on a pink backdrop, embodying sustainable underwear recycling 2024.

Sustainable Underwear Recycling 2024: Embrace Change

In 2024, embracing sustainable living means reevaluating our approach to underwear recycling, ensuring that our lingerie life cycle aligns with eco-conscious values. Adopting […]

A neatly stacked pile of women's underwear in pastel shades of pink, blue, and peach with lace detailing, against a white background.

Lingerie Care: Tips for Lasting Beauty

Explore key lingerie care tips to preserve your intimates’ beauty and longevity, ensuring lasting comfort and style.

Four pairs of Candis-brand underwear in white, black, pink, and blue, displayed on a black background with tags visible.

The Emotional Impact of Colourful Underwear in Our Lives

Discover how colorful underwear can transform your mood! Choose mood-boosting undies to start every day with positivity and style.