Conquer Chaos: Tips for an Organized Underwear Drawer

Open underwear drawer with neatly organized compartments filled with women's lingerie in shades of dark pink and neutrals.

Raise your hand if your women’s underwear draw is a daunting pile tangled fabric – well you’re not alone! January is Get Organised Month – the perfect time to organise your underwear drawer! Organising your underwear drawer is not just about being tidy, it’s an act of self-care and making your daily routine a breeze. A well-arranged lingerie drawer makes your daily routine smoother. Get ready to transform your women’s lingerie haven from a black hole to a neatly curated oasis of comfort and style.

Embrace the Purge

The first step is to completely empty your underwear drawer. This process doesn’t have to be neat but it should be ruthless. Seperate out any pairs of undies that don’t fit anymore or are in need of replacement. I know this can be hard especially with pairs that you simply love. But remember, decluttering means you’re making more room to buy more pairs of your favourite Candis cotton underwear!

Master the Art of Folding

Now you have your collection of undies that make you feel empowered and confident, it’s time to put them back in. But neatly! It’s time to master the art of the perfect fold! We want to avoid rummaging through piles of fabric. How you store your underwear depends on how much space you have.

If you have plenty of space you can simply place your undies flat on top of each other. If you have a medium amout of space, fold the crotch of your undies up to the waistband, then fold the two sides in to make a square. Place each pair of undies on top of each other or stand them up next to each other. If you’re limited with space, follow the folding steps then roll them tightly for space saving magin!

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

To get he best use out of your undies, don’t put clean pairs on top of your pile. Put clean pairs on the bottom of your underwear pile. That way you get wear out of every pair of briefs.

So, take time to organise your underwear drawer and say goodbye to frantic morning rummages and hello to a tidy space that sparks joy (and saves precious minutes!).