Avocado on my toast but not on my undies please!

Candis cotton underewear folded in a pile

I love wearing cotton underwear. Cotton underwear is breathable, comfortable and easy to wash. But traditionally, it’s hard to find women’s underwear that’s comfortable, sophisticated and sexy. Ladies’ undies tend to be comfortable or sexy. But not anymore! If you buy your women’s underwear online at Candis Creations, you won’t have to choose between comfort and sexy!

Are fruit undies sexy?

The patterns on women’s comfortable underwear have moved away from plain or flowers. Instead, patterns that my daughter has on her underwear seem to be flooding the shelves but for women. When walking past the women’s underwear section of my local shop, I noticed a pair of undies patterned with avocados. I love avocado on my toast my but not on my undies!

Some of the underwear patterns I saw on my shopping trip were:

  • Food – avocados, strawberries, apples, grapefruit, popcorn, lemons, ice creams, heart shaped lollipops
  • Animals – fox faces, fog faces, koala faces
  • Neon signs
  • Rainbows
  • Cocktails

Women shouldn’t have to choose between plain cotton ‘nana knickers’ or kitsch comfortable cotton undies.

Want to feel sexy, sophisticated and comfortable in your undies? Buy your women’s underwear online at Candis Creations!

For women who want to feel comfortable, sophisticated and sexy in their everyday cotton undies, there’s Candis pretty underwear! I launched Candis Creations for exactly this reason – women shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and sexiness or prettiness when it comes to their everyday undies!

I design Candis ladies’ undies with comfort and beauty in mind. Made from cotton with soft stretch lace detail, a fully enclosed cotton gusset and fabric trim. Candis undies are your everyday comfortable undies and sophisticated lace lingerie combined! Goodbye ‘nana knickers’ and kitsch cotton undies!

Next time you’re at the store faced with a choice between rainbows or ice cream cotton undies, walk away! Buy your women’s underwear online at Candis Creations and combine the beauty of soft stretch lace with the comfort of cotton!