Candis Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sale

Do you love feeling confident in sexy lingerie? Well, you can get that feeling all day, every day in Candis women’s underwear! Candis Creations isn’t your ordinary lingerie brand – Candis underwear  combines the beauty of lace with the comfort of cotton. This means you can feel that confidence boost no matter what activity you’re doing. And there’s no better time to try Candis women’s panties than today with the Candis Black Friday sales!

To celebrate Black Friday, you can enjoy 30% off all black pairs of Candis underwear. Simply enter the coupon code BLKFR22 at checkout.

You can choose from two styles of Candis women’s underwear. Candis styles Alexis and Alice are both available in black. So you can choose from full lace undies with a cotton gusset or cotton undies with black lace details.

Why should I try Candis women’s underwear?

Candis Creations is an Australian lingerie brand. All pairs of women’s underwear are designed in-house and are unique to Candis Creations. Candis undies are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex with soft stretch lace details. They’re your comfortable everyday undies combined with your lacy sexy lingerie. So you can wear Candis women’s panties every day for any activity. Whether you’re going to the shops, working out, relaxing at home or getting all dressed up, there’s a pair of Candis underwear for you.

If you love pretty lingerie and wish you could wear it every day then Candis underwear is for you! And now’s the perfect time to try them. Not only will you receive 30% off black undies if you enter BLKFR22 at checkout, but Candis also offers free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $50.

You don’t need an excuse to wear pretty underwear and with 30% off black Candis undies, there’s no excuse! Simply enter the coupon code BLKFR22 at checkout. 30% off all black pairs of Candis undies Black Friday sales on now!