Why it’s important to buy quality women’s undies

women's undies

Thursday 10th November is World Quality Day, a day to celebrate companies and products that continue to deliver excellence. I pride myself on Candis being a high-quality lingerie brand, designing comfortable, pretty, and durable women’s undies. But just what is quality? Quality is

providing outstanding value [to] customers – The Chartered Quality Institute

So why it’s important to buy quality women’s undies?

The women’s undies are made with love

When I design Candis underwear, I design every detail of the women’s panties with love. Everything from the choice of fabric and colour, the trims and even the placement of the care label are carefully considered. But it doesn’t just stop at the underwear itself. Each order of Candis underwear is hand-picked and lovingly wrapped in tissue paper with the Candis seal.

Comfort and fit

Quality underwear for women will be comfortable and fit well. This is why Canids underwear is made from cotton because it’s the ultimate in comfortable underwear for women. The trim is specifically designed to not chafe, hence why it’s made from fabric rather than elastic. Quality underwear will also fit well and sit flatteringly on the body. Like Candis classic fit briefs that aren’t too high and aren’t too low but perfect for everyday wear.

Quality women’s undies are durable

You won’t have to throw away quality underwear after only one wear. Small details count when it comes to durability. Take for example the fully enclosed gusset in Candis sexy lingerie. By sewing the gusset all the way around, your women’s underwear will last longer becasuse the gusset won’t roll up. Investing in quality underwear may mean you have to pay a bit more per pair of panties. But their durability means you buy fewer pairs overtime which means they’ll cost you less in the long run.

It’s great for the enviroment

Buying fewer pairs of women’s panties in your lifetime is better for the environment. Fewer pairs reduces the environmental impact at all stages of the supply chain – manufacturing, transport and disposal.

So invest in a pair of Candis underwear today and see for yourself the difference wearing quality underwear makes!