Queen Victoria’s Fashion Legacy and International Tiara Day

Flat lay image featuring the black lace brief 'Alexis' from Candis, surrounded by elegant accessories including a delicate tiara, a vintage black lace fan, white roses, and portraits of Queen Victoria, highlighting Queen Victoria’s fashion.

As we prepare to celebrate International Tiara Day and Queen Victoria Day, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the influence of one of history’s most iconic queens, Queen Victoria. Known for her strong will and distinctive style, Queen Victoria has left an indelible mark on fashion, even in the realm of underwear. Let’s dive into some fascinating facts about Queen Victoria’s fashion and how her legacy continues to influence modern fashion, particularly in our range of black briefs, Alexis and Alice.

Queen Victoria and the Tale of the Stolen Undies

One of the most intriguing stories about Queen Victoria involves the theft of her underwear. During the 19th century, collectors and admirers highly sought items belonging to the queen. Her underwear, in particular, became a target for thieves.Collectors and admirers considered these garments, often made of fine cotton and adorned with lace, highly valuable. This peculiar aspect of history not only highlights the fascination with royal belongings but also underscores the timeless allure of well-crafted underwear.

How Queen Victoria Made Black Fashionable

Queen Victoria is often credited with popularising the colour black in fashion. After her beloved husband Prince Albert died in 1861, Victoria entered a prolonged period of mourning and exclusively wore black. This public display of grief and devotion had a profound impact on societal norms and fashion. Black, once reserved for mourning, became a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Victoria’s influence extended beyond her personal mourning; she set a trend that made black a staple in fashion wardrobes.

Queen Victoria’s Influence as a Female Leader

As a female monarch in a male-dominated era, Queen Victoria’s influence was significant. She ruled for 63 years, overseeing a period of immense change and expansion in the British Empire. Her reign, known as the Victorian Era, was marked by advancements in industry, culture, and technology. Victoria was a symbol of stability and continuity, and her personal style and preferences often set trends. Her embrace of black clothing during mourning reflected her deep sense of duty and personal loss, resonating with the public and altering fashion trends.

Candis Black Briefs: Embracing Elegance and Comfort

At Candis, we celebrate the legacy of Queen Victoria with our range of black briefs, designed for everyday comfort and elegance. Our Alexis and Alice briefs embody the timeless sophistication that black lingerie offers. Made from high-quality cotton with delicate lace details, these briefs provide the perfect blend of style and comfort. Whether you’re looking for everyday wear or something special, our black briefs exemplify Victoria’s enduring fashion influence.

As we don our tiaras and celebrate International Tiara Day, let’s remember Queen Victoria’s profound impact on fashion and her unique contributions to the world of underwear. Her legacy lives on in the elegance and sophistication of our black briefs, Alexis and Alice. Explore our collection and embrace the timeless style that Victoria made fashionable.