Continuing The Chanel Legacy of Comfort, Practicality and Style

chanel style

When we think of the fashion revolution, the name Coco Chanel immediately comes to mind. The legendary designer’s birthday on 19th August is more than just a date; it’s a celebration of innovative style that continues to inspire brands like Candis underwear today. Candis, like Chanel, has become synonymous with innovation and elegance. As we celebrate the legacy of Chanel style, we welcome a new era of style, comfort, and grace, all wrapped up in the perfect pair of undies. The future of lingerie has a name, and it’s Candis.

Chanel’s designs broke boundaries. They combined comfort and practicality into seamless style. She freed women from the constrictions of the early 20th century, introducing jersey fabric and suit jackets. But the resonance doesn’t end there. Candis women’s underwear picks up where Chanel left off.

Chanel said,

Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise, it is not luxury.

Candis women’s lingerie embodies this philosophy. Our unique intimate lingerie is a blend of soft cotton and pretty lace. Like Chanel’s famous Little Black Dress, Candis undies are sexy but never over-the-top. It’s everyday wear for the sophisticated and successful woman. Cotton meets lace, comfort meets style. It’s the “everyday sexy” that today’s woman needs.

But we aren’t content with the status quo. Designed in Australia, our lingerie brand carries an elegance that speaks to women of all ages. We care about the perfect fit and every piece is crafted with love. It’s a gift to yourself.

Chanel once advised,

Keep your heels, head, and standards high.

We listened. Our collection is not just about wearing pretty undies every day; it’s about elevating the standards of what underwear can be.

Revolutionising Fashion

Chanel revolutionized fashion by making it accessible. Candis is doing the same with lingerie. We are appealing to the everyday woman who desires comfort without sacrificing elegance.

As we celebrate Chanel’s birthday, let’s not forget how her legacy continues to shape the fashion world. Brands like Candis keep her innovative spirit alive. They prove that style doesn’t have to compromise comfort.

Candis underwear is more than a brand. It’s a movement. It’s the modern-day echo of Chanel’s timeless wisdom. Wear it and feel the luxury of cotton, the beauty of lace, and the assurance that you’re embracing a piece of fashion history.

Happy birthday, Coco Chanel. Your Chanel style lives on in the stitches of Candis underwear, in the threads of revolution, and in the hearts of women who dare to be both comfortable and everyday sexy. Every day.