Do you have a pair of lucky undies?

Do you have a pair of lucky undies? Is there a certain pair of women’s underwear you wear when going on a first date or giving a presentation? You’re not alone! One in three students wears lucky exam underwear. Most of us have heard of athletes like Michael Jordan wearing lucky underwear for a big game. Some athletes take this even further, like Detroit Tigers baseball manager, Jim Leyland, who didn’t change his underwear during a winning streak. That’s a bit yuck and I definitely wouldn’t recommend rewearing dirty ladies’ undies.

Do lucky undies actually work?

According to psychologists, lucky undies and other charms or rituals can impact our performance. Psychologists Lysann Damisch, Barbara Stoberock and Thomas Mussweiler from the German University of Cologne conducted a study that showed that superstitions like wearing lucky undies improve your self-confidence. This confidence boost results in being more persistent and enhancing performance.

Other underwear superstitions

Inside out underwear – Did you accidentally put your Candis pretty lingerie on inside out? You may have been getting dressed in the dark, been still half asleep or rushing to get to work. But don’t worry because wearing your underwear inside out is lucky!

See the future – if you’re curious about who your mister or missus right will be then sleep with a pair of nice panties under your pillow and dream of your future partner.

Put a ring on it – if you’re ready to get married then borrow a pair of lace underwear from a married friend. Wearing a married woman’s underwear will help bring you luck! But please make sure to wash it first.

Going to the chapel – if your wedding day is coming up, sew three ribbons onto your Candis white or blue lace undies. In Mexico, they believe these ribbons will bring you luck in food, money and passion for your marriage.

If you don’t have a pair of lucky underwear yet then choose your favourite pair of Candis lace undies to wear for your next big event!