Embrace the Heat in Style and Comfort

A smiling woman with long, flowing red hair wearing coral lace underwear and a navy wrap top, standing amidst lush greenery.

With a heatwave already hitting during only our first week of summer, the last thing we want is the discomfort of underwear chafing. This common problem can turn the sunniest days into struggle for comfort. But, Candis undies ensure your summer days are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Why Does Chafing Happen?

Underwear chafing occurs when your skin is irritated by constant rubbing against the fabric of your women’s underwear. This is particularly prevalent during the hot and humid months when sweating increases. The wrong briefs can turn this mild annoyance into a significant discomfort.

How to Avoid Underwear Chafing with Candis: Your Summer Solution

As an Australian lingerie brand, we at Candis fully understand this challenge. We live it ourselves! So we’ve designed lingerie that is perfect for the Australian heat. Our underwear is meticulously designed by women for women with three key features to combat chafing: cotton fabric, a fully sewn cotton gusset and soft fabric trim.

  • Breathable cotton fabric: cotton is a natural fabric that breaths. This means that it allows air circulation which reduces moisture building up and minimises the risk of chafing. Candis cotton undies ensure that your skin breaths even on the hottest days.
  • Fellew sewn cotton gusset: all pairs of Candis underwear have a fully sewn cotton gusset. Not only does this allow for breathability even in our lace design, Alice, but it also means the gusset won’t roll up and cause discomfort.
  • Soft fabric trim: it’s all very well wearing cotton undies only to discover that the elastic trim chafs! Candis undies are specifically designed with a soft fabric trim that’s soft against your skin.

The question of how to avoid underwear chafing is more than just a concern, it’s a challenge we’ve not only solved but solved with style! This summer, step out confidently with Candis, where comfort and femininity go hand in hand. Say goodbye to chafing and hello to breezy, beautiful summer days.