How Often Should I Buy New Underwear?

Pink Candis women's underwear

How many pairs of underwear do you own? I stopped counting when I got to 40 pairs of women’s panties! When was the last time you bought yourself a new pair of women’s underwear? 15% of women own underwear that’s 5 – 9 years old. So, how often should I throw away my underwear and how often should I buy new underwear?

Your underwear should be comfortable, fit properly, be in good condition and make you feel good about yourself! A good rule of thumb is to check your undies twice a year, around every six months.

What to Check For

When checking your women’s underwear to see if it needs replacing and how often you should buy new underwear, look out for these things:

  • Is the trim or elastic still working or is it loose? Trim and elastic will naturally lose their effectiveness over time. This is normal but it’ll also affect if your undies stay up. To help you assess the elastic and trim, ask yourself this question – If I were wearing these briefs whilst running through the airport to catch my connecting flight, would they fall down? – if the answer is yes, then it’s time to replace them!
  • Can you see through the fabric when you’re not supposed to? Some fabrics in your sexy lingerie are meant to be see-through like the pretty lace on Candis lingerie brand women’s underwear. But some fabrics aren’t meant to be see-through. Normal wear and tear will result in the fabric thinning over time. Hold your panties up to the light and check if they’re see-through. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. If it is, then it’s time to replace them!
  • Check for holes. Fabric can tear during washing, from simply wearing out or by accident if you have long nails. Check for holes and replace any undies that aren’t in one piece.

Ultimately, though, your women’s panties should be comfortable. Don’t be one of the 27% of women who let their uncomfortable, old, ugly women’s panties affect their mood! Regardless of their condition, replace them with comfortable undies like Candis lingerie brand that are specifically designed for comfort.

Your undies should make you feel good and give you that secret boost of confidence! They’re clothing you wear every day so don’t feel guilty about replacing old undies and treating yourself to some new Candis women’s underwear.