Why Female Friendship Enriches Our Lives


September is Friendship Month. We often talk about finding our soulmate but we shouldn’t overlook the power of having a soul-bestie. Like any relationship, friendships take work but they enrich our lives and can be a lifeline. Our friendships can be the cornerstone of our emotional well-being and uplifting in a world that often demands so much.

Why Friendships are Important

Sharing a good laugh isn’t just fun, it also has its health benefits. It triggers the release of endorphins, our body’s natural stress busters. So, chuckle away with your gal pals for that needed emotional boost! Studies show that there’s a correlation between strong social bonds can extend life expectancy and reduce heart disease risks. One such study was The Harvard Study of Adult Development which spanned over 80 years, making it one of the longest-running studies on adult life. This study concluded that close relationships make us happy and positively affect our health. Yes, your friendships can add years to your life!

Friendships also combat loneliness and isolation, a concept that a lot of us have recently experienced due to lockdowns. The University College London found during a 2004 study that people who reported feeling lonely and isolated had higher rates of heart disease. The mere presence of a friend can offer solace in trying times, reducing feelings of isolation.

Friends also expand our horizons. Has your friend invited you to an event that you normally wouldn’t go to because it’s not ‘your thing’ but ended up having a great time? Your friend’s passion might rub off on you and introduce you to a whole new world.

You also grow by supporting your friends. It’s a two-way street. Being there for someone enriches your emotional fabric and offers a sense of purpose. Take time out for your friends. Listen, share, and grow together.

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