Why Should I Wear Cotton Underwear?

Why is it that sexy lingerie tends to be made from synthetic fabrics like nylon and everyday comfortable women’s underwear is made from cotton? Why should I wear cotton underwear every day rather than nylon undies? The simple answer is that cotton is breathable. But what does breathable underwear mean?

What is breathable underwear?

It sounds strange calling cotton underwear breathable. It’s not like the fabric actually breathes! It’s called breathable for two main reasons:

  1. Cotton is absorbent. Liquid actually sticks to it! This means that it absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier.
  2. Cotton doesn’t trap heat. Air travels through the cotton weave. Cotton is a relativelty open woven fabric that allows air to flow through the material. We can’t see it, but when looked at under a microscope, cotton has gaps in the weave. This airflow is like having a window open at home. It allows fresh outside air to circulate. This helps keep you fresh and cool.

When combined with your body heat as an energy source, these two features mean your cotton underwear is basically acting the same way as evaporative air conditioning!

Fabrics such as nylon, don’t absorb moisture or allow air to circulate. This means the moisture stays on your skin creating a warm, damp environment. This is uncomfortable and also creates a great environment for yeast infections to develop.

Candis Underwear

Cotton underwear is a great choice for undies because of the fabric. But, until now it’s usually also the most boring available in the store. So what should I wear if I want to wear breathable, pretty underwear? That’s where Candis underwear comes in! Candis underwear combines the comfortable and practical aspects of cotton with pretty lace to create everyday sexy! Candis underwear is what to wear if you don’t want to sacrifice beauty for comfort!