Your New Year’s Underwear Will Set The Tone For 2022

What are you hoping for in 2022? Love, a baby, tranquility? For those of you attending a party, you’re probably already planning what to wear. For those of you having a quiet night at home, you probably haven’t thought about which set of loungewear or pyjamas to wear yet. But regareless of what you’re New Year’s Eve plans are, tradition dictates that you should carefully consider which colour ladies’ undies you wear. Numerous cultures believe that the colour of the ladies’ underwear will dictate your luck for the following year.

So Which New Year’s Color Underwear Should I Wear?

The key to wearing specific New Year’s colour underwear is to make sure you’re wearing it when the clock strikes midnight. It is at this point that the magic happens and your luck is set for the whole of the following year! After this, you can mix up your wardrobe again.

  • White lace undies – Puerto Ricans believe that wearing white underwear will bring you good health and fertility. So if you’re hoping to have a baby in 2022, wear Angelica in white to ring inProduct image of model wearing Annabella in light bluethe New Year. If you’re not hoping to have a baby but still plan to wear your Angelica in white lace undies then this will still bring you luck but in the form of harmony and peace.
  • Pink lace panties – Argentinians believe that wearing pink panties will positively impact romance. Whether you’re looking for new love or hoping to spice up your current relationship, Candis lace lingerie Amity in pink are the undies for you! If you’re more focused on friendships rather than romance at the moment, then pink panties are still for you. Bolivians believe that wearing pink panties will strengthen friendships. So if this is you, wear Angelica in pink!
  • Blue panties – if you’re just after a calm and quiet 2022, then follow the Portuguese tradition and wear Annabella, Alice or Amity in blue to bring you tranquility.

What colour Candis pretty underwear will you wear this New Year’s Eve? I can’t decide between harmony and peace, strengthening romance or friendships, or tranquility. But whichever pair of Candis undies I choose, it seems like I’ll get some form of good luck!