All Businesses Start Small

Smiling entrepreneur with an array of Candis Creations lace underwear, exemplifying the success of small businesses.

Today, Bunnings, Qantas, Woolworths and Cotton On are some of Australia’s largest companies. But what else do these brands have in common? They started as a small business! All businesses start small. Bunnings was originally one sawmill in Western Australia in 1886. Qantas launched with 2 aircraft in Queensland in 1920. Woolworths began with one shop in Sydney in 1924. Cotton On’s first sale was out of the back of a car at Beckley Markets, Geelong in 1988.

Starting a small business takes courage and is a leap of faith. It can often involve leaving a secure income behind. 98% of businesses in Australia are Small Businesses. Small Businesses contribute 35% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product and employ 44% of our workforce. It’s been a chaotic start to the year for Australian Small Businesses. It’s important Australian entrepreneurs are supported to ensure we survive this rough period.

The Impact on Candis Creations

Candis Creations is lucky as we are selling women’s underwear online so remain open. The biggest impact to Candis pretty lingerie has been the postal system. Australia Post deliveries were something I took for granted. But today, it is an ever-changing environment. The floor of my local post office is marked with duct tape telling me how close I can stand to the person in front of me. The post office is closed at certain times for additional cleaning. Delivery time frames have been extended because there are fewer flights. I have changed my habits and expectations, but I believe Candis pretty underwear will survive.

Local Initiatives

Check out these local databases advertising Australian Small Businesses to see how you can help a small business owner’s dream stay alive. Because who knows, one of us could be the next Cotton On!

Love of Home online shopping guide – see the advert for Candis Creations lace briefs on p.34 (click here to purchase your pair of Amity Candis undies as worn in the photo)

#LoveAustralian – see Candis nice panties listed under Clothes and Shoes

Local Motion – search for Candis Creations under Harrison

If you can’t imagine a world without Bunnings sausage sizzles then support an Australian Small Businesses today!