Are You an Alice or an Alexis? Take the Candis Personality Quiz!

Take the Candis personality quiz today! Can’t decide which pair of Candis pretty underwear would suit you best? Or perhaps you’re buying a pair as a gift for a special lady in your life but don’t know which style to choose. All Candis undies are such pretty lingerie that it can be difficult to choose! So why not choose based on which style of Candis nice panties suits your personality best!

Every pair of Candis women’s lace underwear is given a unique name. The name for each design of pretty lingerie is carefully chosen based on the name’s meaning. Only names that fit the Candis image are selected. Take the personality quiz and find out which style suits you!

Take the Candis personality quiz!

Which description sounds like you?

  • You’re angelic and radiant. You march to the beat of your own drum rather than following the pack. You make decisions based on intuition and emotion. You care greatly for others but also value your alone time.

If this sounds like you then you’re an Angelica! Angelica means angel meaning you’re like an angel in beauty and virtue. Angelica are the Candis pair of white lace underwear and pink panties.

  • You’re beautiful and graceful. You’re full of joy and don’t let your baggage weigh you down. You’re confident but think before you act or speak.

Does this sound like you? Then you’re an Annabella! Annabella means beautiful, joy and graceful. Annabella nice panties are the Candis blue panties and coral panties.

  • You thrive off spending time with your friends. You highly value friendships and have close friends who you confide in. You love a girls’ night!

Is this you? Then you’re an Amity! Amity means friendship. Amity are both Candis pink panties and blue panties.

  • You’re noble and kind. You’re honourable, compassionate and gracious. But you’re not a wall flower! You’re a force to be reckoned with!

If this sounds like you then you’re an Alice! Alice are Candis blue panties and are also available in black lace. So whether you want to show your soft side or strength, there’s a pair of Alice pretty lingerie in a colour for you!

  • Do you strongly defend your beliefs and stand up for others? Would you describe yourself as strong willed? Then you’re an Alexis! Alexis means defender. Alexis is a strong personality so Candis Alexis pretty lingerie is available in the strong colours, black and coral.

Are you an Alice or an Alexis?

So, which are you – an Alice, Alexis, Annabella, Amity or Angelica or a mix? No matter what you’re personality, there’s a pair of Candis pretty underwear for you!