What is the Most Expensive Underwear in the World?


Do you love pretty underwear? Is your sexy lingerie draw spilling over with nice panties? My lingerie draw sure is! My most expensive piece of sexy lingerie probably cost $200. But that’s not expensive compared to the some of world’s most expensive pieces of underwear. What is the most expensive underwear in the world?

The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

If you have a few spare million dollars lying around and would like to treat yourself to some new pretty undies, then the Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra might be just what you’re looking for! For those of us who remember the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show, you’ll remember the show stopping fantasy bra. The jewel encrusted bra and undies set would be the show’s finale! Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra and panties sets, range from $1,000,000 to $15,000,000! So what does a $15,000,000 sexy lingerie set look like? The Red Hot Fantasy Bra was the 2000 show stopper. The bra and panties set was made from red satin with diamonds and rubies. If you’re only looking to spend around $1,000,000 then the 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra made from diamonds and platinum might be more your style.

If you’d prefer a fantasy bustier rather than a bra, then the ORRA Diamond Bustier could be for you! This bustier was designed by Anamika Khanna for the Bollywood actress, Malaika Arora and cost $1,300,000.

If it’s a bikini you’re after then the Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini is worth considering. Jewellery designer Susan Rosen designed this $30,000,000 bikini for the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue. It’s a minimal design made from tastefully placed diamonds.

If you think gem stones are a little too showy for a bra and panties, then the Gold Lingerie Set might be just what you’re looking for. The Gold Lingerie Set is made from 3 kilos of gold and costs ‘only’ $26,000.

You don’t have to spend a million dollars to feel a million dollars in Candis underwear!

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