Meet the Creator Behind Candis Lace Lingerie

Founder wearing Amity

Hi! My name’s Candice Jarvis and I’m the founder of Candis Creations and designer of Candis lace lingerie. The idea for Candis pretty underwear was my husband’s idea (believe it or not!). I was working as a Logistics Officer in the Air Force but was torn between working and wanting to be at home with my daughter. I have a Commerce Degree and Master of Business and experience in supply chain management. So we’d bounced around the idea of me starting a business for a while. But what I should do was still a mystery.

The 5 Words That Changed Everything

Until my husband commented that I don’t wear my lace undies anymore. I explained to him that I only wore lace undies for special occasions because it was uncomfortable. I showed him my draw full (and I mean FULL!) of ladies’ undies and explained that the cotton undies were my comfortable underwear that I wear every day. He was shocked to see that my comfortable underwear was (let’s be blunt) ugly!

When we were dating, I hid my pretty lingerie in your bathroom draw and changed into it when I got to your house. It’s so uncomfortable that there’s no way I could wear it all day!

I explained with a giggle.

The fact that I love pretty lingerie is obvious when you open my ladies’ undies draw. So, unbeknown to me, this put my husband on a mission. He set out to find me pretty lingerie that was also comfortable underwear made from cotton. After weeks of trying and struggling, he said to me,

you should design your own!

And Candis Creations was born!

Fashion is my passion and was my dream job growing up. I excelled in Textiles class but it just wasn’t the path I took for numerous reasons. Until my husband said those five little words that changed everything.

Candis Creations Lace Lingerie is Born!

I quit my job. I started drawing cotton and lace underwear that I’d like to wear. It took two years from that moment to my first sale. Those two years were spent designing pretty underwear, learning the law for care labels, finding a manufacturer who could produce a high-quality product at the right price and choosing the beautiful colours. I went through many samples with different manufacturers but finally found one that could make my dream a reality!

Pretty underwear shouldn’t just be sexy lingerie. I want to wear lace lingerie that’s also comfortable underwear just because I want to! And with Candis everyday sexy underwear, I can and you can too!

You don’t need an excuse to wear pretty underwear!