Comfortable Underwear and Sexy Lingerie Combined

Girl laughing wearing comfortable underwear

Candis pretty underwear is not your normal ladies’ undies. Candis lingerie is comfortable underwear and sexy lingerie combined! Traditionally, everyday underwear for women is made from cotton. It tends to only be available in a few colours like grey and nude. Or, if it is patterned, it tends to be either childish patterns or floral patterns that look like your grandmother’s sofa. I love pretty and sexy lingerie. So I wanted women’s everyday panties that were both comfortable undies for women and sexy lingerie in one. So I launched Candis Creations!

Is lace underwear comfortable?

Lace underwear is comfortable with Candis undies! Candis Creations pretty underwear is made from cotton with soft stretch lace detail. Candis Creations gives you sexy lingerie that is also the most comfy underwear in your draw so your Candis panties are you’re go-to undies every day! Made from cotton with a cotton gusset, Candis undies are your sexy lingerie and comfortable classic briefs combined! This means they’ll be your comfy everyday panties, your breathable workout knickers and ultimately, your most comfortable underwear ever! Candis underwear is also available in a range of colours including blue and pink panties. So you can feel colourful

Comfortable wedding lingerie

Brides love the collection of Candis Creations underwear as comfortable wedding underwear. Candis offers four styles of comfortable wedding lingerie that is popular with brides. Alice and Annabella in light blue and Amity in blue are popular as your something blue! For brides who’d prefer white underwear, Angelica in white is the perfect choice!

So next time you’re looking for comfortable underwear brands, look no further than Candis Creations! At only $14.95 a pair, it’s also your most affordable sexy lingerie! And with free shipping over $50 Australia wide, you can afford to have a pair for everyday and a few spares for after your workouts.