Something Blue Wedding Tradition – Choose Candis Lingerie

Something blue wedding tradition

Choose Candis lace lingerie as your Something Blue wedding tradition! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! A wedding is an exciting event. Are you following in many brides’ footsteps and wearing,

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe.

It couldn’t do any harm, right?

Why do brides wear something blue on their wedding day?

The poem dates back to at least the 19th century in Lancastershire, England. Wearing these items were thought to ward off the Evil Eye and bring the bride and groom good luck for a successful marriage. Specifically, the something blue wedding tradition represents love, purity and fidelity. Considered to be three pillars of a solid marriage. Traditionally, the something blue for wedding tradition was followed by wearing a blue garter under your wedding dress.

A contemporary something blue wedding idea

Blue is a very strong colour and can be difficult to incorporate into your wedding attire if it doesn’t match your colour scheme. But there is a way you can honour this tradition. Are you looking for a more modern something blue bridal idea? How about pretty blue lingerie!

Candis blue cotton and lace undies is popular with brides as their something blue wedding idea. Made from cotton with lace detail, Candis pretty underwear is comfortable to wear all day under your dress and pretty to wear as your wedding lingerie. You can’t wear a bra under most wedding dresses, or they have a bra sewn into them. So making your undies your something blue wedding idea is a fun way of including the something blue wedding tradition.

If light blue is your preference for your something blue on your wedding day then Candis lace briefs, Alice and Annabella, are perfect for you. Alice and Annabella are both available in light blue. The light blue is soft and feminine. If you want your something blue to be more bold, then Candis Amity blue panties are for you! Amity in blue are a strong blue that make a modern statement.