Why choose Candis undies?

Why choose Candis undies?

What makes Candis Creations undies different?

Candis ladies’ undies are designed by a woman for women specifically with comfort in mind. Women’s underwear tends to be either pretty or comfortable. Pretty underwear is often made from lace and satin which can be too uncomfortable to wear as everyday underwear. Comfortable undies can be ‘nana knickers’ or have patterns like watermelons which aren’t very sexy. Candis Creations aims to solve this problem by combining beauty and comfort.


Candis comfortable lingerie is made from 95% cotton 5% spandex fabric. The gusset is fully enclosed (sewn all the way around) and is also made from 95% cotton 5% spandex. The decorative lace used in is soft and stretchy. This means Canids lace undies are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day every day whilst also being pretty and sexy.

Bright colours

A key attribute of Candis undies is their colours. Express the inner colourful you whether it’s under your jeans, mum clothes, uniform or your black power suit!

Self-fabric trim

Sometimes the elastic around the waist and legs of underwear can chafe and be uncomfortable. That’s why Candis undies are trimmed around the waist and legs with soft fabric. This self-fabric trim still holds your undies in place whilst being comfortable enough to wear every day.

Care label

Even the care label has been designed with comfort and beauty in mind. The care label is specifically placed in the side seam rather than at the back to avoid tickling in unwanted areas! The care label is also placed so it naturally sits against the back of the underwear rather than the front so as not to ruin the look of the undies. You don’t have to be concerned about your tag popping out if you’re wearing Candis undies!

Luxurious wrapping

The final touch is the wrapping. Each order comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with the Candis seal. This makes opening your order that extra bit special.

Someone will see your undies today – you! Whether you choose Amity, Alice, Alexis, Annabella or Angelica, you’ll experience the Candis difference. So choose to feel special in Candis undies – you deserve to feel everyday sexy!