Candis Corporate Values: Confidence & Quality

Candis values

As discussed in Welcome to Candis Creations, Candis Creations corporate values are confidence, quality, integrity, respect and courage. These values are the principles and standards that are important at Candis. They guide decisions and behaviour. Values represent the standards Candis Creations expects of itself and employees. But why were these specific values chosen?

Corporate Value – Confidence

Confidence is believing in one’s own abilities and those of others. Candis Creations feels it’s important to have confidence in yourself, your skills and your abilities as well as those of your team member’s. Confidence builds trust. Trust in yourself and your team leads to a more cohesive working environment.

Candis ladies’ undies help build confidence

Candis pretty underwear is designed with confidence in mind. As discussed in the Canberra City News article and Candis Made the Cover, before launching Candis Creations, I was often the only female and/or youngest person in work meetings. This could be intimidating! I used enclothed cognition to help me feel confident. I had to do this whilst wearing a uniform though. So I turned to my pretty lingerie draw!

I wore red bras as my secret armour! I wanted to wear power nice panties too but struggled to find any that were comfortable enough to wear all day. So Candis lace undies are designed specifically to be worn all day every day so you can feel confident from the inside out!

Next time you have a job interview, a meeting you’re nervous about or a first date, wear your Annabella in light blue or coral and feel beautiful, graceful and confident!

Have the confidence to be you in Candis undies!

Corporate Value – Quality

Candis Creations values providing women with underwear of a high standard. Candis undies are durable so they can be worn every day. As discussed in Why Choose Candis Undies, Candis underwear are designed with specific attributes that improve their quality and comfort.

Many underwear samples were tested before the final manufacturer was chosen for Candis undies. Lace that frayed when washed or gussets that weren’t sewn all the way around (fully enclosed) were dismissed. And the hunt continued. It took over a year to find a manufacturer who could meet the quality standards required for Candis lingerie.

So next time you’re packing for your holiday and think you may need to run through an airport, pack your Alice in black or light blue and you’ll know you’re wearing a quality pair of undies that you can rely on!