Behind the name – Alice blue panties

Candis undies - Alice in light blue

Alice is a Candis Creations pretty underwear best seller. The design comes in both light blue panties and black lace undies. But why is this design of lace lingerie Alice? What is the meaning of the name Alice? Let’s look behind the name – Alice.

We name each Candis pretty underwear design, but the names aren’t simply chosen at random. Careful research goes into determining which names are best suited to the current collection. We firstly assign each collection a letter and each design within that collection is given a name starting with that letter. The final names are chosen from a shortlist we create based on the meanings of the names. Every name chosen reflects the everyday sexy designs and the ‘Candis Woman’.

Candis Creations’ opening collection of women’s lace underwear has been allocated the letter A. The five names chosen for the pretty designs that debuted in the collection are: Alice, Alexis, Amity, Angelica and Annabella.

What is the Meaning of the Name Alice?

What is the meaning of the name Alice? Alice means noble and kind and is of English origin. The name Alice describes an honourable woman who is compassionate and gracious. The full floral lace design of the Alice undies reflects this softness. Alice is a classic name which suits this elegant, timeless lingerie design well. But this doesn’t mean to say that Alices are quiet and shy. Alices are also a force to be reckoned with. Alice comes in both light blue and black which reflects these two qualities.

Famous Alice – Alice Rivlin

Alice Rivlin displayed the bold side of the name Alice. She was a “legend” and “trailblazer” in the field of economic policy. Alice Rivin broke through glass ceilings and was the first Director of the Congressional Budget office in the United States. She was intelligent, fair and respected; turning visions into reality and inspiring women. She even won the McArthur Foundation “genius” award.

Famous fiction Alice – Alice, Alice in Wonderland

A discussion about Alice is not complete without Lewis Carroll’s Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Alice displays qualities that are fitting for her name and the soft side of the name Alice. She is kind, intelligent and courageous but also has spirit! These qualities align with the Candis values of courage and confidence. As such, Alice is a fitting name for a Candis design.

Purchase your pair of Alice Candis undies here for those days when you want to demonstrate that you’re both strong and compassionate. If you’re feeling particularly gentle today, wear your pair of Alice undies in light blue when you’re feeling particularly gentle. Don your Alice in black undies when you feel edgy!