How to express yourself even when in uniform

Close-up of a woman fastening her dark skirt over coral lace underwear, symbolising personal expression through intimate apparel beneath a uniform.

As you learnt from my City News article, I wore a work uniform for 10 years. The intention behind a uniform is for everyone to look the same but it’s natural for us to want to be recognised as the individual we are! Uniforms come with rules and usually within those rules there are looser guidelines that you can use to express your individualism. Whether your uniform is set by the company or social standards (corporate wear and ‘mum clothes’) there are ways you can let the inner you shine bright! Here’s how to express yourself even when in uniform.


Most importantly, there’s your underwear! This is where you can really shine! Undies can be colourful, pretty and sexy and give you confidence from the inside out! Undies can be the armour you wear under your uniform. If you have a big meeting, wear your Candis Creations Alice in black undies to show your strength! If you’re feeling particularly feminine, wear your Amity pink panties! If you’re feeling playful and fun, wear your Annabella in light blue panties! If you’re wearing a pale colour, wear your Angelica in white lace underwear! The model wears Alexis in coral pretty lingerie so I wonder what she’s doing today? Someone will see your underwear today – you! So wear your Candis undies to express yourself even when in uniform!


Uniforms often allow for employees to wear rings and watches. I didn’t wear rings until I wore a work uniform. I bought 2 rings that reflected my personality. They became my signature rings. Eventually, people commented if I wasn’t wearing them! A watch is the second form of jewellery uniform rules often allow for. There are many beautiful types of watches that you can wear to express yourself. Are you an analogue or digital girl? Do you like coloured leather bands or metal? Gold or silver? Such little details are a way for you to express who you are.

Nail Polish

Some uniforms allow for nail polish. Even if the colours are limited, you can still use this as a way of expressing your mood. As a friend once said to me when she discovered I’d broken up with my boyfriend, “OH hence the red nail polish!” And if no one sees you’re toenail polish, then what’s stopping you from wearing any colour of the rainbow!


Many work places today require employees to wear a lanyard. If you’re company doesn’t have a specific lanyard then find one that reflects you! Whether it’s the colour or a pink sparkle lanyard, it still does the job whilst giving you a sense of you. If you’re required to wear a specific lanyard, try decorating it with small badges that represent you. I wore a badge of each aircraft supply chain I’d worked with. They were always a conversation starter and told my professional story.

Whether you’re in a company uniform, corporate wear or mum clothes there are ways you can still express who you are!