Behind the name – Annabella

Annabella in light blue

I love all the Candis pretty underwear designs but Annabella in light blue is my personal favourite. As well as light blue panties, this lace undies design also comes in coral. But why is this women’s lace underwear design called Annabella? Let’s look behind the name – Annabella.

Each Candis ladies’ underwear design is named but the names aren’t simply chosen at random. Careful research goes into each design name selected. Firstly, the collection as a whole is allocated a letter. Each design in that collection will be given a name that starts with that letter. A shortlist is created and final selections are made based on the meaning of the names. Every name chosen reflects the everyday sexy designs and the Candis Woman.

The Candis pretty lingerie maiden collection has been designated the letter A. The names chosen for the pretty and comfortable cotton and lace designs that debuted in this collection are: Annabella, Amity, Alice, Alexis and Angelica.

Behind the name – Annabella

The name Annabella means beautiful, joy and graceful. Graceful means to have “a smooth, attractive shape”. This name is particularly well suited to this design. The beautiful floral lace that curves gracefully downward at the front. Wearing this pair of Candis panties always brings me joy. It gracefully hints at what lies beneath the lace without being too revealing!

How to be graceful

  • Grace and confidence are linked. Tue self-confidence on the inside will show on the outside. But sometimes you have to ‘fake it til you make it’!
  • Don’t let your baggage pull you down. Of course there are moments where you haven’t been graceful and that’s OK! But don’t let those times define you.
  • Think before you act or speak. This can be hard sometimes but it’s much more graceful to let someone down gently rather than being blunt. You can still get the message across but with grace.

So whether you’re have a great self-confidence day or you’re faking it until you make it, put on your Annabella pink or blue panties and exude grace!

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