Candis Celebrates: World Photography Day!

World Photography Day

Candis celebrates World Photography Day on 19th August! World Photography Day is a day to celebrate the photograph and the message photographs convey. Photos help us capture precious memories so we can relive them time and time again. Photos bring our special memories to life.

On 19th August, 1839, the French government purchased the patent for the Daguerretype photographic process. They purchased the patent so the invention could be a gift “free to the world”.

Candis Celebrates World Photography Day by celebrating the women behind Candis underwear photos

As an online lingerie store, Candis Creations relies on photos to showcase our beautiful cotton and lace everyday sexy undies to you. So join Candis in celebrating World Photography Day by celebrating the women behind Candis pretty underwear photos.

The beautiful shop display photos of Candis lace undies are taken by Sarah Eliza Photography. Sarah Eliza Photography sets up the women’s underwear shots meticulously so that the nice panties are beautifully and creatively displayed. Sarah Eliza is also the photographer behind many of the artistic images. Her images bring out the pretty colours and soft stretch lace details in Candis lace lingerie. She also complements the lace underwear by accessorising the photos with flowers and jewellery.

Holly Treadaway was the photographer behind the infamous Candis cover photo for the Canberra City News. Holly Treadaway painstakingly composed every photo of myself modelling the Candis underwear. Holly’s patience and photography knowledge meant that she managed to photograph me flashing my knickers tastefully! She made the pink panties the star of each shot.

The image for this blog features photos by both Sarah Eliza Photography and Holly Treadaway.

How to Celebrate World Photography Day

World Photography Day is about immortalising things that are meaningful to you. Whether they be people, places, events or items. So celebrate World Photography Day by getting out your camera and capturing people or things that are precious to you.