Behind the name – Angelica


Angelica is my Mum’s favourite Candis pretty underwear design. Angelica comes as both white lace underwear and pink panties. But why was the name Angelica chosen for this design? What is the meaning of the name Angelica?

Each pair of Candis lace undies is given a girl’s name. The names are carefully chosen to reflect the Candis spirit – strong, empowered women who love to wear comfortable and pretty lingerie all day, every day. The Candis Woman likes to feel everyday sexy!

Design names are selected based on the letter their collection has been allocated. Each collection is assigned a letter that all the design names will begin with. Angelica is part of the A collection. Along with Angelica, the A collection includes Alexis, Alice, Amity and Annabella.

Many names starting with the allocated letter are considered. A short list is created based on name meanings. The final names are selected by matching names to the designs.

Meaning of the Name Angelica

The name Angelica means angel. The name is derived from the Latin word angelicus which means angelic. To be angelic means to be like an angel in beauty and virtue.

Why was the name Angelica chosen for Candis nice panties?

It was particularly appropriate that the Angelica design of Candis knickers came in white. White suitably reflects the name meaning, angel. This pair of Candis panties has a beautiful band of lace across the front. At the back, the lace drops down. This gives a hint of what’s underneath without being fully revealing.

Famous Angelica – Angelica Cheung

Angelica Cheung is the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China. Angelica Cheung has degrees in Law and English Language and Literature. She is also a graduate of the University of South Australia where she completed an MBA. Before entering the world of fashion, Angelica Cheung was an investment banker with Goldman Sachs. She changed careers and became a journalist because she wanted to travel. Angelica Cheung believes that a woman should,

Take charge of her own life, and make your own decisions in all things, and not try to appear like someone she’s not – Angelica Cheung

So if you’re a girl who likes to take charge and make your own decisions whilst still having the heart of an angel, then the Candis lace lingerie, Angelica, is for you!