The Pink Panties

The Pink Panties cotton and lace women's underwear.

The Candis Creations collection of everyday sexy cotton and lace lingerie includes pink women’s lace and cotton underwear. Candis lace undies are also available in black, blue, light blue, white and coral. Colours can have meanings and symbolism. They can also evoke emotions.

Colour Symbolism

Colour Symbolism is the use of colour to convey a message or meaning. Context, culture and time are important to consider when assessing a colour’s symbolism.

Colour Psychology

Using colours to evoke emotions is called Colour Psychology. This theory suggests that colour can impact our moods, feelings and behaviour.

We all have a favourite colour. There may be no explanation as to why we like this colour. It’s just that we’re drawn to it for some reason. There might be a certain colour that dominates our wardrobe. We may be required to wear a uniform in a certain colour. I tend to choose a colour to wear based on what I think suits me and simply, the colour I feel like wearing that day.

Let’s look at what the colour pink symbolises and the emotions it can evoke.

The Colour Pink

If you’re in a pink mood then you can wear Amity and Angelica Candis pink panties.

Today pink is considered to be the epitome of girliness. But this is a relatively new symbolism for the colour pink only coming about in the 1950s. Prior to this time, little boys were dressed in pink and girls were dressed in blue.

Today, pink represents friendship, harmony and approachability. It is fitting that Amity panties are available in pink as Amity means friendship. Pink is thought to have a calming effect. So if you’re stressed, put on your Amity or Angelica Candis knickers in pink and take a few deep breaths. Pink also means love but not the passionate side of love (that’s the colour red). Pink represents the romantic and charming side of love. So if you’re in a loving mood, choose your Amity or Angelica Candis undies in pink!

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