The Blue Birds

The Blue Birds

Part of the Candis Creations ethos is to create women’s underwear that is available in beautiful colours. Candis everyday sexy cotton and lace undies include three blue panties. Alice and Annabella are both available in light blue. Amity is available in bright blue.

Colour Symbolism

What does the colour blue mean to you? Other than being pretty, colours can convey meanings and messages. Culture, time and context can influence what a colour represents. This is called Colour Symbolism.

Colour Psychology

How do you feel when you see the colour blue? As well as conveying meanings, colours are also thought to evoke emotions and affect our mood and behaviour. This is called Colour Psychology.

The Colour Blue

In general, the colour blue represents stability. It is thought to symbolise trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and truth. Blue evokes a sense of calm and tranquility. Dark blue is said to also be an appetite suppressant and increase the metabolism.

Candis pretty underwear is available in both light blue and more vivid, bright blue. These different shades evoke different emotions.

Light blue

The light blue cotton and lace used in Candis knicker designs, Annabella and Alice, inspires creativity. Light blue is also refreshing and friendly, relaxing and evokes a sense of calm.

Bright blue

The pretty lace and vivid blue cotton of Amity in blue is said to be energising and refreshing.

Fun Facts About the Colour Blue

  • The majority of people’s favourite colour is blue
  • 53% of flags contain the colour blue
  • “blue-blooded” means royalty in all European languages. It is particularly appropriate that Candis lace everyday undies, Alice, are available in light blue as Alice means noble.
  • Greeks believe that blue wards off the evil eye
  • In Belgium, little girls are dressed in blue

So whether you’re feeling calm or energised, there’s a pair of Candis lace and cotton underwear for you!

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