Is underwear the new active wear? The emergence of Undie Runs

Elegant black women's cotton underwear with lace details, symbolizing comfort and style for everyday wear and special occasions like Undie Runs.

For most of us, our cotton underwear is private. It’s hidden under our clothes and not something we’d flash while out and about. But it turns out that not everyone thinks like that. Some people have traded in their active wear for their pretty lingerie! If you’re going to flash your undies, why not wear your comfortable and pretty cotton women’s underwear – your Candis undies!

Personally, I find running embarrassing enough. Even being clad in the latest, trendiest active wear doesn’t make my running style any less embarrassing. But some people choose to run in only their everyday underwear! They’re called Undie Runs.

Undie Runs as Tradition

Undie Runs are tradition in a number of American universities including University of California, University of Florida and University of Nevada. But Undie Runs aren’t just popular in the warm states. Universities in colder places like Colorado State University and Boston College also have Undie Runs.

Setting the Guinness World Record

But it’s not just universities that host Undie Runs. In 2011, the Utah Undie Run in Salt Lake City set the Guinness World Record for the largest crowd of people wearing only underwear! The 2,270 knicker clad participants gathered in one place at the start of the race to set the record.

Stripping for Charity

Undie Runs are also hosted for charity. The Cupid Undie Run is held in numerous locations around the world, including Australia. The annual event is hosted to raise money and awareness for the Children’s Tumour Foundation and those impacted by Neurofibromatosis. But why strip down to your pretty underwear? Nice panties has been chosen as the attire for the Cupid Undie Run intentionally. It is designed to remind us that everyone’s body is beautiful in its own way no matter what you look like (sadly, Neurofibromatosis can be disfiguring).

The Cancer Council annual Undie Run is a relatively new initiative. This Undie Run is to raise money and awareness of Bowel Cancer. In this Undie Run, not only do you strip off down to your undies, but you do it in front of 40,000 people! The run is hosted at the Adelaide Oval where participants cut laps of the oval in front of game spectators.

So if you’re participating in an Undie Run, why not add a little something to your scant outfit by wearing your Candis undies. By wearing your comfortable and pretty cotton women’s underwear, you’ll be comfortable and still look pretty in your cotton Candis underwear whilst running for a good cause.

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