Spring is here and blue lingerie is in!

Spring has finally sprung! The beautiful flowers are coming out and colouring our world again. But they’re not the only colour we’re seeing this spring; it’s time to bring out your colourful clothes and celebrate this glorious weather! If you want to be on trend this Spring with your colour choices then blue is the colour for you!

Blue is dominating the Spring 2022 fashion shows. Fashionable blue tones range from light to bright, but the pops of strong blues like azure this season are particularly interesting. Azure is best described as sky blue. French fashion designer, Jacquemus, celebrated blue by using a blue carpet as his runway. Other designers who celebrated blue include Bora Aksu, Ganni and Stella McCartney. Candis Creations celebrates bold blue with blue lingerie, Amity.

How to Introduce Blue into Your Wardrobe

Blue is a very versatile colour. It can be dressed up or down. But wearing bright blue might be new to you. It is a very bold colour and will draw attention – the right attention! The first step in introducing bright blue into your wardrobe is to wear blue lingerie! Candis Creations Amity in blue is the perfect pretty underwear to wear this spring. This women’s underwear will mean you’re on trend no matter what outfit you’re wearing.

Amity in blue lace briefs will show you how bold and bright this amazing blue colour will make you’ll feel. You’ll want to wear them every day and add more blue to your wardrobe. Once you’ve built up the confidence to embrace bold blue, you can match your blue lingerie to your handbag, shoes or t-shirt. You’ll know you match from the inside out and that’s half the fun – the fact that your lace undies match your t-shirt will be our little secret!

Blue represents stability. It symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and truth. Bright blue is energising and refreshing. So be bold and try bright blue Candis Amity lace undies this spring!