You go girls! Candis Celebrates: Business Women’s Day

business womene's day

Business Women’s Day is celebrated on 22 September. Business Women’s Day is about celebrating women in business including employees and business owners. As Candis pretty lingerie is a company founded by a woman, celebrating this day is particularly meaningful. So join Candis Creations and celebrate Business Women’s Day!

The number of women in the Australian workforce has increased. And the number of those women who run their own businesses has also increased to over 30%. The age of female business owners ranges from 15 to over 75 years old with the majority being in their early 40s. A significant number of female business owners launch their businesses in their 30s so they can be at home with children.

Australian women killing it in business (other than Gina Rinehart)

Carla Zampatti – fashion designer. Carla Zampatti launched her own fashion label during the 1960s and 1970s. Her brand is still going strong today!

Ronni Kahn – Founder and CEO of OzHarvest. What started as one van in Sydney in 2004 has now grown nationally!

Janine Allis – Thanks to the show, Shark Tank, we’ve all heard of the founded behind Boost Juice, Janine Allis. She and her husband founded Boost Juice in 2000. You can visit a Boost Juices in 14 countries!

Candis underwear – founded by a woman, for women

Business Women’s Day resonates with me because I’m a female entrepreneur who launched a business in my 30s so I could be at home with my daughter. I love pretty underwear but found it difficult to buy underwear that was pretty and comfortable. Ladies’ undies were either pretty and lacey but uncomfortable to wear every day or cotton and comfortable but ugly! Wearing cotton underwear patterned with flowery fabric that looked like my grandmother’s couch didn’t boost my confidence and make me feel attractive. So, my husband suggested that I start my own line of knickers and Candis was born!

Candis women’s underwear is specifically designed to be worn all day every day whilst also being pretty. As such, Candis undies are made from cotton with soft stretch lace details. The trim is self-fabric rather than elastic so it doesn’t rub. The care label is located to the side and facing the back so it doesn’t ruin the look of the undies from the front and doesn’t tickle your bum. Because you can’t scratch that itch in public!

Candis underwear is designed to make you feel everyday sexy from the inside out!