Feel everyday sexy even when in isolation!

Wearing Candis undies during isolation

To paraphrase Phyllis Nefler in Troop Beverley Hills,

Just because you’re in isolation, it’s no excuse not to feel everyday sexy!

One of our Candis Women took to the internet this week to show that it’s possible to still feel everyday sexy even when in isolation! Natalie proudly flashed her Candis Amity in pink panties while taking out her rubbish bin. She wore her Candis Creations pretty underwear under her tracksuit pants with a singlet top and slippers. Natalie wrote,

My dress standards have dropped in iso, but I’m still everyday sexy underneath!

Isolation and mental well-being

Health professionals are concerned that the current requirement for isolation and social distancing may be having a negative impact on our mental well-being. The risk of suffering from conditions such as anxiety may be increased in current circumstances. One suggested reason for such feelings is the restriction of our independence and freedom.

In the current environment, we have limited control over what we can and cannot do outside the home. But one thing we can control and still have freedom over is what we wear! COVID-19 may have taken our social lives, but it can’t take our sense of style!

Enclothed cognition

Scientists have proven that what we wear can impact our emotions and how we feel. The phenomenon has been termed enclothed cognition. Enclothed cognition acknowledges that the symbolic meaning of the clothes you wear and the experience of wearing them affects how you feel. The big smile on Natalie’s face clearly shows her emotions are positive and her mood is good. According to science, wearing her Candis pretty lingerie may have had a significant impact on her good mood.

Candis loungewear underwear

Candis undies make excellent loungewear underwear. There are many unique attributes of Candis women’s lace underwear that contribute to their comfort and prettiness. The pretty lace details and colours of Candis lace undies help women feel sexy and pretty from the inside out! The cotton, soft stretch lace and fabric trim makes Candis undies comfortable enough to wear while binge watching Netflix, reading or home schooling the children! Whatever your isolation activities may be, Candis lingerie can help you to keep feeling everyday sexy even when wearing your tracksuit pants, active wear or bathrobe!

So keep feeling everyday sexy even during isolation by wearing your Candis underwear today!

[Photo and story has been published with permission].

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