From Paper to Panties: Creating Comfortable and Pretty Lingerie

From sketch to finished product

I love pretty underwear but want to be able to wear it every day. That means it has to be comfortable and pretty lingerie. Yet this seems hard to find. So, I created it and Candis Creations was born! But sketching women’s lace underwear and having a commercial product are two very different things.

Being a designer has always been my dream. Fashion is my passion. My first fashion memory was watching my Mum unzip the black garment back to reveal her Chanel jacket. I have always admired Chanel and how she changed the fashion landscape by providing women with comfortable, practical clothes.

Women’s fashion has come a long way throughout history. It’s now accepted that women’s clothes should be comfortable and practical as well as appealing to the wearer. But this hasn’t fully translated to ladies’ underwear. Yes, we no longer wear corsets thanks to women like Chanel but undies tend to be either comfortable “nana knickers” or sexy, uncomfortable lingerie. Candis Creations endeavours to change this!

The Candis Creations mission is to deliver women sexy, pretty and comfortable everyday lingerie. We achieve our mission by offering ladies’ undies that are both comfortable and pretty; made from cotton with soft stretch lace detail, at a reasonable price so women can feel everyday sexy every day.

I design all Candis underwear. From the colour and design right down to the minutiae details of measurements and care label placement. I began by sketching ideas for undies. Anything I imagined, I sketched. My sketch book is full of ideas. Five of which have been transformed into the Candis A collection.  Some which will appear in later collections. And some which will never see the light of day.

The next step was finding a manufacturer who could support a start-up on a budget. I went through many samples from different manufacturers until I found exactly what I was looking for. It took over two and a half years from when my husband first said, “you should quit your job and start a lingerie label!” to launching the Candis website.

I wanted to offer women a product that was affordable and of a high quality so we can wear Candis undies every day and feel everyday sexy. After much perseverance, I have created that product!

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