Can the Colour of my Underwear Affect my Mood?

colour psychology

Asking, can the colour of my underwear affect my mood, may seem like an odd question. But colour psychology says yes, it can! When selecting your women’s underwear in the morning, you may not realise the effect your mood is having on your choice of colour of women’s panties or the effect your sexy lingerie will have on your mood. But the colours around you do impact how you feel. How colour affects our mood and behaviour is called colour psychology.

Colour Psychology – How does colour affect my mood?

The University of Melbourne explains that colour impacts our emotions, feelings, how we think and our behaviour. Black is subconsciously an intimidating colour. Think of how strong you feel when you put on your black Candis sexy lingerie. Compare this to how fresh you feel when you put on your Candis Angelica in white underwear.

But how does this happen? It’s all to do with the wavelengths, your nervous system and your brain’s control centre (hypothalamus). When you see a colour, the wavelengths that colour emits trigger your brain’s control centre and either increases or decreases your heart rate. This will result in a psychological reaction or response.

Which colour underwear should I wear for which mood?

If you want to feel relaxed and be more productive then wear your Candis blue women’s panties. The wavelengths emitted by blue have a calming effect on your brain and body by decreasing your heart rate. If you want to feel strong, formal and sophisticated then wear your Candis black sexy lingerie. In contrast, if you want to feel sophisticated but sweet, wear your Candis women’s underwear in pink. Or wear your Candis white Angelica underwear for that fresh, understated feeling.

The great thing about Candis being your favourite lingerie brand is that you can wear your mood-altering colour no matter what clothes you’re wearing on the outside.