Thank Groundbreaker Ada Lovelace for Online Shopping

Candis underwear online shopping

Do you love online shopping? Being able to shop for women’s underwear online from the comfort of your own home and have pretty lingerie delivered straight to your door! It’s all thanks to women like Ada Lovelace – the first computer programmer. That’s right, a predominantly male industry today, started with a girl!

Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852)

The International Day of the Girl is an opportunity to celebrate women who changed history. Today I want to celebrate Ada Lovelace and her contribution to our modern world. Ada was the daughter of poet, Lord Byron. For anyone who’s read Byron, you’d expect this to be a tale of woe. And she did sadly die at age 36 but her story is not one of sorrow. Her life’s work lives on today.

Ada’s mother encouraged her in what, today, we call STEM. She developed a love of maths which led her to work with Charles Babbage to develop The Analytical Engine. This machine was an early computer. Ada became famous for her work on manipulating symbols to work machines. Her elaborate computer programs were the first complete programs to be published. Her notes directly influenced Alan Turing who is the modern father of computer science and artificial intelligence.

I’m very grateful to Ada. I’m able to share Candis pretty lingerie with you because of the modern computer and the internet. It wouldn’t be possible for me to sell women’s underwear online if it wasn’t for Ada.

As Candis Creations is a woman-owned business designing ladies’ undies that combine comfortable underwear with lace lingerie, I believe that celebrating women like Ada Lovelace is important. I endeavour to design ladies’ undies that make women feel special and confident every day. So think of Ada when you’re next online shopping buying your Candis women’s underwear online because, without her, it wouldn’t be possible.

Women deserve to be celebrated and that includes you!