Celebrating pretty cotton underwear for women

Model wearing pink cotton underwear for women

Candis celebrates World Cotton Day! World Cotton Day is celebrated globally on 7th October. Candis pretty cotton underwear for women wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for cotton fabric.

Why Celebrate Cotton?

Cotton is an important fibre. It’s grown in over 75 countries across the world, Australia included. Cotton is natural and biodegradable. This means it biodegrades more quickly than synthetic fabrics. A cotton fun fact is that cotton crops thrive in dry climates where most other crops won’t grow. This means that farming cotton provides employment in drought-prone areas that wouldn’t otherwise be able to sustain crops. Additionally, only 3% of the cotton plant becomes waste or compost. The remaining 97% is used in items such as fabric, animal feed, oil and cellophane.

Why Candis Creations Designs Cotton Underwear for Women

When I used to look at my lingerie draw, it was clearly divided into two sections. There was a section of lace undies made out of synthetic fabrics that were pretty but uncomfortable. Then there was the section of comfortable underwear that I wore every day. What was the key that made my everyday underwear comfortable? It was cotton underwear! Cotton underwear is great for women. Being a natural fabric, cotton breaths and doesn’t hold moisture. This makes cotton underwear comfortable and suitable for any activity. But cotton underwear doesn’t have to be plain.

Candis ladies’ underwear uses natural cotton and combines it with pretty stretch lace to create everyday sexy underwear that is truly comfortable enough to wear every day whilst also being pretty. Cotton can also be dyed in a variety of beautiful colours. Candis embraces cotton by combining its comfort and colour with soft stretch lace. This combination of pretty lingerie with cotton underwear makes Candis women’s underwear unique. Now I just have one section in my underwear drawer – the Candis underwear section!

So celebrate this World Cotton Day by embracing cotton underwear. But don’t just wear plain cotton nana knickers, embrace the colours, comfort and beauty of Candis cotton and lace underwear!