Best Underwear for Light Working Out

Candis blue cotton underwear

The sun is shining and the weather is finally warming up! And with the days becoming longer, it’s a great time of year to get outside and be active again. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a serious run or going for a leisurely walk, you need to be comfortable. This means that you should not only put on your comfy shoes but also take into consideration your women’s underwear. You wouldn’t do exercise in your evening gown, would you? No! You’ll put on your activewear. The same consideration goes for your choice of underwear for working out.

Why Candis undies are great underwear for light working out

Even when doing light exercise like yoga or walking your dog, you should wear comfortable underwear for working out that’s easy to move in and that breathes. Now just what do I mean by underwear that breathes? I mean underwear that allows airflow. The airflow reduces the build-up of bacteria and yeast. Bacteria and yeast love dark, damp environments. Cotton underwear avoids creating this environment.

Candis cotton underwear is particularly soft and comfortable making it perfect for your next leisurely walk or yoga workout. You don’t want scratchy, itchy underwear when trying to relax during Warrior Pose! Candis ladies’ undies also have soft fabric trim rather than elastic. This adds to the comfort of your undies so you’ll be even more relaxed.

Candis undies are also pretty so even if someone does spy the top of your undies when you bend down for Downward Dog or to tie up your shoelace, they’ll see pretty lace. You can even match your Candis undies to your activewear with Candis pink panties, blue panties, black undies or white underwear!

Don’t forget to change into a fresh pair of Candis women’s underwear after your light workout. Even yoga or a light walk can work up a sweat so it’s important to change your ladies’ undies when you’re done. So pack a second pair of Candis cotton underwear in your gym bag.

Work out in comfort today in your Candis cotton underwear!