Candis Celebrates International Lace Day

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Saturday 24th September is International Lace Day. Soft stretch lace is a key feature of Candis women’s underwear. It wouldn’t be possible to create such beautiful cotton and lace undies without lace! Lace puts the sexy in Candis everyday sexy ladies’ underwear.

Why Celebrate Lace

Lace is intricate, delicate and pretty. It’s the ultimate in femininity. It’s a luxury item that celebrates craftsmanship and beauty. Originally lace was manufactured by hand during the 16th century. This meant it was only available to the elite. But with the invention of lace-making machines, it became more widely available. But this hasn’t taken away from its luxury. Advances in technology have meant that more of us can embrace lace. We’re now able to enjoy the luxury and feminine feeling of lace lingerie. Candis ladies’ underwear embraces the beautiful colours of lace we can now enjoy. Bringing you classic black lace undies and white lace underwear as well as more daring blue and pink lace undies.

How to Celebrate International Lace Day

There are two great ways you can get involved and celebrate International Lace Day.

  1. You can wear your Candis lace lingerie. You can never go wrong with lace. You can dress it up or dress it down. The soft stretch lace on Candis ladies’ underwear is comfortable and pretty.  No matter what you’re doing on Saturday 24th September, there is a pair of Candis lace undies to suit you.
  2. You can give lace as a gift. If someone special in your life is celebrating or if you just want to show someone you appreciate them, then the gift of Candis lace undies is perfect. You’ll be giving them the gift of feeling special in lace every day.

If you really can’t decide which pair of Candis lace undies to wear on International Lace Day then follow the wisdom of the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris –

When I don’t know what to wear, I wear black lace – Carine Roitfeld