Candis Celebrates: Creative and Innovative Products

21st April is the United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day. Candis pretty underwear is a creative and innovative product. Its combination of pretty lace lingerie with comfortable cotton everyday underwear is unique, creative and innovative. But our innovative women’s underwear is made possible by multiple other innovative and creative products.

The Sewing Machine

The sewing machine we use today is actually a combination of numerous innovative products. An early version of a sewing machine was designed in 1790 in England by Thomas Saint. And by the mid-1800s, there were numerous patents filed for sewing machine designs. Creative inventors of these machines were in England, Europe and America. Early attempts to commercialise the product failed due to backlash from tailors and seamstresses. Numerous patents also meant many lawsuits as the designs overlapped in some ways. But in 1856 a group of creatives joined together to share their patents which allowed them to effectively commercialise sewing machines.

Blended Textiles

Candis pretty underwear is made from cotton mixed with spandex. This is a blended textile. The spandex gives the cotton its stretch which adds to its comfort. Attempts to create blended fabrics date back to 1664. But the first successful attempt was in 1889. French Chemist, Hilaire de Chardonnet successfully created rayon. Cotton was first blended with acrylic fibres in 1952. This “new blend” was hugely popular. It could be washed, put in the dryer and worn without ironing!

Manufactured Lace

Lace was originally made by hand during the 16th Century in Europe. It was incredibly expensive. But the French Revolution changed all that. The demand for expensive handmade lace dropped because people simply couldn’t afford it. But this didn’t mean they didn’t want lace. So the lace industry sought to produce the fabric using a cheaper method. This led to the inventi0n of machines that could produce lace at a price everyday consumers could afford.

It’s the combination of these creative and innovative products that have allowed me to design and create Candis everyday sexy lace lingerie. And that’s worth celebrating!