Easy-Care Candis Underwear

A key feature of Candis cotton and lace undies is that they are so easy to wash! Candis undies are your easy-care underwear! Often when you buy pretty lingerie, it comes with a myriad of washing instructions. But Candis lace lingerie is simple and easy to take care of!

How to Wash Your Candis Easy-Care Women’s Lace Underwear

There’s no need to hand wash your Candis lace undies or wash them on a delicate cycle. Simply, wash your Candis nice panties in your regular wash with similar colours. We also recommend washing in cold water. Why is it best to wash your Candis lace lingerie in cold water rather than hot water? Washing in cold water has a number of benefits:

  • Your undies are less likely to shrink when washed in cold water rather than hot water
  • The beautiful colours stay brighter for longer. We love Candis lace undies in coral, pink and blue so the last thing we want is for our brightly coloured undies to quickly fade!
  • It’s more effective to wash out sweat in cold water. It’s hot in Australia so washing away sweat is a must.
  • You save energy!

We also recommend drying your Candis lace lingerie on the washing line or clotheshorse rather than using the dryer. There are many benefits to air-drying your clothes rather than using the dryer:

  • Air drying won’t shrink your nice panties
  • It’ll protect the pretty lace
  • The sun acts as a bleach
  • You can leave your lace underwear on the washing line while you go out. Tip – don’t leave your prety lingerie outside in direct hot sun for too long as this might cause them to fade.
  • It’s free and environmentally friendly!

So with Candis women’s lace underwear, not only do you get to wear pretty lingerie that’s also comfortable but you can throw them in the washing machine with your regular wash! What’s not to love about Candis easy-care lace underwear!