Air Drying vs Dryer Drying Your Undies

Drying your washed comfortable lingerie in the dryer seems like a fast and easy option. But this doesn’t mean it’s the best option. But how do I dry my clothes without a dryer? You can dry your ladies’ undies in a dryer or air dry them inside or outside. But which method is best for when it comes to drying your Candis pretty underwear? Why does the care label on Candis pretty lingerie recommends air drying your undies?

Drying your ladies’ undies in the dryer

Using the dryer is easy, convenient and fast. But is this the best option for drying your pretty lace undies? Using a dryer is expensive and you shouldn’t leave the dryer on while you’re out in case the dryer causes a fire. This means you have to co-ordinate drying your undies with when you’re at home which can be a hassle.

Drying your Candis colourful, cotton and lace undies in the dryer also risks damaging your favourite undies! The intense heat of the dryer can cause your nice panties to shrink. It can also result in the beautiful, bright colours fading more quickly over time. Drying delicate lace undies in the dryer also runs the risk of the pretty lace getting caught and snagging or, worse, tearing a hole in your pretty undies!

How to dry clothes without a dryer

Air drying your pretty underwear is the best option to dry your clothes without a dryer. It reduces the risks associated with using the dryer. Air drying can be done either inside or outside. By air drying your Candis lace lingerie, you reduce the risk of shrinking your undies (especially if you also wash your undies in cold water) and of damaging the pretty lace.

Air drying your lingerie is environmentally friendly and much cheaper than using a dryer. You can also leave your ladies’ undies to dry while you’re out of the house. I also love the fresh smell that comes from drying your clothes outside. The sun also acts as a natural bleach that helps get rid of some stubborn stains that wouldn’t disappear if dried in a dryer.

Tips for air drying your Candis pretty underwear

  • Fading can still occur on hot very days. To reduce the risk of fading the bright colours of your Candis pretty lingerie, either air dry your clothes inside on particularly hot days, outside in the shade or don’t leave your undies out on a sunny clothes line for too long.
  • On cold or wet days, your clothes may not fully dry outside so allow extra time in your schedule to hang your clothes up again inside at the end of the day.
  • Air drying your clothes inside can make the air inside your house more damp. Believe it or not, this can affect household items like your piano. So it’s best to air dry your clothes inside in a room that doesn’t contain items that could be damaged by damp.

Candis Creations recommends washing your ladies’ undies in cold water and air drying them. This method reduces the risk of damaging your favourite undies!

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