Beautiful Underwear Deserves Beautiful Gift Wrapping

I’m very pleased to announce that Candis Creations is back up and running in it’s new location. Thank-you to everyone for bearing with me while I moved. Setting up a new office is always a daunting job but it’s also exciting. One of the first areas I’ve set up is my gift wrapping station. I’m so excited to have just gift wrapped the first Candis Creations order of pretty lace undies in our new premises! One of my favourite roles as the owner and operator of Candis Cretions is to beautifully wrap each and every order of Candis lace lingerie in tissue paper with the Candis seal.

Why do I gift wrap each order of Candis pretty lingerie?

Treating yourself to a new pair of pretty underwear is so exciting. You’ve made the time to peruse the Candis women’s underwear online and choose your favourite styles and colours. You can’t wait to wear your new lace briefs and feel everyday sexy. The next exciting stage is when your package arrives and you can’t wait to rip it open and feel the softness of your new cotton and lace undies that you know you’ll love to wear. I hope receiving your Candis pretty underwear brings a smile to your face and lights up your day.

I enjoy individually gift wrapping each order. It makes me feel that little bit more special when I receive a package that’s been wrapped in tissue paper. So I hope to make you feel special too. But that’s not the end of the Candis pretty underwear journey. You’ll also feel special every time you wear your Candis lace lingerie. No matter what you’re doing, you deserve to feel pretty and special. The beauriful gift wrap also makes Candis lace undies the perfect gift. They can be delivered straight to the special lady in your life and you know the wrapping is taken care of!

Beautiful underwear and the beautiful women who will wear it deserve beautiful packaging.