Wear Cotton Underwear to Minimise Sweating


Summer is finally here! The temperatures are warm and the days are getting hot. I love summer and the sunshine it brings. The days are longer and brighter. But you know what hot weather also brings? Sweating! It’s uncomfortable and it’s frustrating when sweat patches ruin a beautiful outfit. Another downside is the unpleasant odour it can also cause. We can’t avoid sweating altogether. It’s simply a tradeoff with summer weather. But we can take steps to minimise sweating and odour and improve our comfort on those hot days.

Minimise Sweating with Cotton Women’s Underwear

According to senior RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles lecturer, Rebecca Van Amber, natural fabrics are the way to go in summer to minimise sweating. Fabrics like cotton or a cotton blend are an affordable way to reduce sweating and therefore also reduce odour and improve comfort. The University of Otago conducted a study in 2007 that investigated the odour intensity of fabrics. Polyester rated highly for odour intensity. But cotton rated mid to low on odour intensity.

But don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sexy lingerie. Candis is a unique lingerie brand that designs cotton underwear for women with pretty lace details. By wearing Candis underwear in the summertime, you’ll feel comfortable and sexy at the same time! You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort with Candis Creations underwear.

Another bonus of Candis lingerie is that you simply wash your pretty cotton and lace undies in the washing machine with your regular wash! So you can spend less time washing and more time enjoying the beautiful weather. Candis women’s underwear is your dream come true!

Odour and sweating go hand in hand. So if you wear cotton women’s panties you’ll reduce sweating which reduces odour and improves comfort!