Is it Scary to Start a Business?

Recently I was asked, “Is starting your own business scary?” Yes. Starting a business is very scary. When you start your own business, you’re putting yourself out there which is daunting. You’re hoping that other people will love what you’re passionate about as much as you do. So did I start my own business?

Passionate about Women’s Underwear

As Confucius said,

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

I love collecting and wearing pretty underwear. Wearing pretty lingerie makes me feel confident. It’s like wearing secret armour under my clothes that only I can see. But the world can see the confidence I exude. It makes me feel pretty and sophisticated. I want to feel like that every day. And wearing pretty lace lingerie is an easy way to do that because I can wear it under any clothes. We all wear underwear every day, so why shouldn’t it be pretty!

I’m not alone in my love for pretty lingerie. The Australian women’s lingerie market is a $753 million industry. Which is only a small component of the US$46 billion global market.

Breaking the Lace Lingerie Rules

But starting your own business isn’t about copying everyone else. It’s about being different. Comfortable underwear and lace lingerie traditionally have been separate forms of underwear. I launched Candis Creations to challenge this. I’m passionate about being able to wear pretty lingerie every day that’s also comfortable. For me, comfortable underwear means:

  • being made from a breathable fabric like cotton
  • edging that doesn’t chafe
  • labels that don’t tickle
  • a gusset that doesn’t roll up
  • is easy to wash

And pretty lingerie means:

  • sophisticated details made from fabrics like lace
  • attention to detail
  • pretty colours

Starting my own business gave me the freedom to break the rules of traditional, uncomfortable lace lingerie to create women’s everyday underwear that truely combines comfort and beauty.

So it might be scary but the satisfaction that comes from finding women who feel the same way about lingerie as I do, is worth it.