Candis – Your Unique Lingerie Brand

I launched Candis Creations because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the Australian market. I was looking for women’s lace underwear that I could wear every day, no matter what activity I was doing. Why should I have to choose between underwear that is pretty and underwear that is comfortable? Why can’t I wear underwear that crosses the lingerie underwear barrier and combines pretty with comfortable? So I launched my lingerie brand, Candis Creations, which does just this.

What Makes Candis a Unique Lingerie Brand?

Candis Creations is now an Adelaide based lingerie brand. All Candis lace lingerie designs are unique as they are designed in house. You won’t find these designs anywhere else! Candis nice panties are designed by a woman for women. Comfortable underwear needs to fit well and provide adequate coverage. Candis nice panties are designed to provide good back coverage and sit flatteringly across the tummy. The waistline sits nicely under most trousers, skirts and shorts so it won’t show or stick out above the waistline of your clothes.

Rather than using elastic around your legs and waist, Candis lace lingerie is trimmed with soft fabric. This was a specific choice. Elastic can rub and leave marks. But fabric trim is soft against your skin and doesn’t leave marks whilst still holding your mice panties in place.

The Candis lingerie brand is focused on designing nice panties made from cotton. Cotton underwear is breathable, easy to wash and versatile. You can wear cotton underwear for any activity and in any weather as it breathes and helps absorb sweat. This also makes is great for travel!

Candis nice panties also come in a range of colours. Colourful underwear is a great way to add some fun to your wardrobe! Even though no one else will see it, you know that under your neutral, practical black trousers or jeans, you’re wearing a pop of coral!

So if you’re looking to buy truly unique lingerie online, Candis women’s lace underwear is for you!