Candis Pink Underwear Sale

Underwear sale

Happy New Year! The Candis pink underwear sale is on now! What better way to celebrate the ringing in of a new year than to refresh your wardrobe? An all-important part of your wardrobe is your underwear. After all, the basis of every good outfit is great underwear! Whether you like sexy lingerie or everyday women’s underwear, a wardrobe refresh should also include your underwear.

So to help you refresh your undies, Candis is offering a summer underwear sale on all pink women’s panties! Simply enter the code PINK20 at checkout. Whether you love sexy lingerie or everyday underwear for women, Candis is the perfect underwear choice for you. Candis undies are unique in that they combine everyday comfortable cotton underwear with sexy lace lingerie to create everyday sexy.

Angelica pinkIf you love classic pastel pink, you’ll love Candis Amity and Angelica briefs. Pastel pink is soft and feminine. If you feel like being bold then try Annabella or Alexis in coral Candis briefs. Coral is a stunning bold pink colour.

The colour pink

The colour pink symbolises friendship, harmony and approachability. The colour is also believed to have a calming effect. Pink also represents the romantic and charming side of love. Wearing the colour pink is also said to bring you romantic luck and help you feel sophisticated but sweet.

What a great way to start 2023! I’d love for my 2023 to be full of friendship, harmony, calm and romance. Good thing I’m wearing my Amity in pink Candis women’s panties today! With any luck, my husband is planning a romantic dinner for us right now all thanks to me wearing my pink Candis undies!

Candis pink underwear sale is on now! So get in quick and choose your favourite pairs of pink Candis women’s underwear today! Don’t forget to add the code PINK20 at checkout to receive 20% off.