Groundbreaking Textile Designer, Lucienne Day

Candis pink panties

Happy Birthday groundbreaking textile designer, Lucienne Day! When I put on my Candis women’s underwear each morning, I admire the beautiful soft stretch lace that I chose when designing the briefs. I think to myself, it’s someone’s job to design that pattern. It’s fun choosing patterned fabrics whether it’s on your sexy lingerie or a pretty summer dress or even your sofa. Having such beautiful, contemporary fabric to choose from is thanks to women like Lucienne Day.

Born in 1917, Lucienne Day was a leading post-World War Two British textile designer. She based her textile designs on modern art, embraced the positive post-war energy, and reflected this feeling in her designs. This was particularly evident in her Calyx design. The Calyx design is based on the upward optimistic movement and sense of growth of plants. She initially designed for an upscale, expensive audience. But was enthusiastic when given the opportunity to expand into affordable textiles using man-made fibres. Her textiles were works of art. Her accessible fabrics were a way of bringing art into the home for everyday people.

Beautiful, Quality, Affordable

I admire Lucienne Day because she believed in bringing bring art into the home through beautiful, quality, affordable fabrics. Her fabrics meant that people were surrounded by art in their everyday lives. This brightened their homes and brought them joy. Candis Creations is a lingerie brand that also believes we should be surrounded by beauty and wear clothes that make us joyous every day, rather than saving these feelings for special occasions. It’s fun to be surrounded by art that makes us happy, whether in the form of traditional art, the upholstery fabric in our homes or adorning our underwear!

So when you put on your Candis women’s panties tomorrow, take a moment to look closely at the pretty lace pattern and enjoy wearing not just undies but a piece of wearable art!