My Dog Ate My Underwear

Candis underwear on a washing line

This is a true story. My dog ate my women’s underwear! I have a puppy. As part of her training, I thought I’d put small items on the washing line to dry. I thought that she wouldn’t be able to reach small items so it would teach her not to jump at the washing but not tease her.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day. A great drying day as my mum would say. And I was going to be home all day so could supervise how my puppy reacted to the washing. I picked up a pair of my Candis women’s panties out of the washing basket and started to reach towards the washing line. Out of nowhere, my puppy leapt across the sky and grabbed my underwear out of my hand! It all happened so fast!

I quickly wheeled the basket back to the laundry and put the rest of my washing inside where she couldn’t reach it. I then ran back outside with a doggy treat and ran around the garden chasing my puppy, offering her a treat in exchange for my sexy lingerie. But instead of dropping the undies, she swallowed them, whole! I was in shock, she’s never done that before. So what do you do if your dog eats your underwear?

What to do if my dog ate my underwear

Phone the vet straight away! If your regular vet is closed, call the emergency vet. I was told to take my dog to the vet clinic immediately, and it was treated as an emergency. The vet induced vomiting and she expelled my women’s underwear within minutes. As well as a second pair of undies that had been pegged on the line that she’d grabbed while I was on the phone with the vet! She felt lethargic for the rest of the day but she’s ok now.

Even though Candis Creations is a lingerie brand that designs everyday sexy cotton underwear, they still aren’t good for a dog to ingest. So if you’re dog eats your underwear, phone the vet straight away and move any more pairs of women’s underwear to a safe place.

I’ll be drying my Candis women’s panties on the clothes horse inside from now on!