Candis Underwear is Your Perfect Travel Underwear

YAY! The world is finally reopening after over 12 months of travel restrictions. We’re all getting excited about the idea of finally planning a holiday. Where should I go? Should I take underwear in my carry-on? It’s good to pack light whether you’re traveling locally or internationally, by plane, train or car. The lighter you pack, the more room for shopping! But no matter what climate or activity you’re packing for, you’ll always need ladies’ underwear. Candis pretty lingerie is the perfect travel underwear.

Why is Candis Pretty Lingerie the Perfect Travel Underwear?

When you’re packing light, you want to take versatile pieces or a capsule wardrobe. Usually, you’d have to pack comfortable lingerie for the day and lace briefs for nighttime or special dinners. But you can half the number of panties you need to take with Candis Creations women’s lace underwear! Candis ladies’ underwear combines the comfort of cotton with the beauty of lace so you can wear them day and night for any activity! And being made from cotton means you can wear them in any climate! They’re also comfortable to wear on the plane. And with the secure soft fabric waistband trim, they won’t fall down when running to your gate after spending too much time at the airport shops!

Should I Take Underwear in my Carry On?

Should I take underwear in my carry on small luggage? If you’re going away for long enough that you’ll check a suitcase (lucky you!) then a great tip is to pack a pair or two of Candis pretty lingerie in your carry-on. Traveling for long periods often leaves us feeling grimy. Changing your pretty lingerie is a quick and easy way of freshening up either during your travel or when you arrive. Candis ladies’ underwear fits discretely in your carry-on making a refresh quick and easy.

Another benefit of carrying Candis women’s lace underwear in your carry-on is when checked luggage goes missing or is delayed. You can get away with wearing the same clothes for another day until your luggage arrives at your destination but re-wearing ladies’ underwear is often unpleasant and not very healthy. If you pack some pairs of Candis pretty lingerie in your carry-on (even if it’s a handbag), you’ll have a fresh pair of comfortable lingerie to change into regardless of when your luggage arrives.

So stock up and your Candis ladies’ undies today and get packing!

Happy travels!

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