Celebrate International Day of Happiness with Happy Colours

20th March is the UN International Day of Happiness. It’s a day to focus on well-being and mark its importance in our lives. The UN General assembly recognises that happiness is a “fundamental human goal”. Member nations are encouraged to focus on happiness and well-being rather than pure economic growth. It’s a day to acknowledge the impact our happiness and well-being has on our lives.

Ways to Celebrate International Day of Happiness

There are a number of fun and easy things you can do to celebrate the International Day of Happiness:

  • Do something that makes you happy
  • Share positive messages
  • Connect with others in a positive manner
  • Wear happy colours

Happy Colours

Colour psychology explains how colours affect our moods. Some colours are stimulating, some evoke a sense of seriousness and some colours are happy colours. So to celebrate world Happiness Day, why not choose to wear a pair of Candis lace undies in a happy colour.

Wearing pink panties on Happiness Day will definitely bring a smile to your face. Think of all the pink things that make you smile – romance, cotton candy, pink roses, baby blankets. Smiling is infectious. So if you’d like to celebrate International Happiness Day by spreading the joy through smiling, wear your pink Candis pretty underwear Amity or Angelica in pink.

If you’d like to celebrate Happiness Day by focusing on your well-being and feeling serene then light blue is the colour for you. Candis blue panties are perfect. You can choose from Alice and Annabella and enjoy feeling a sense of calm.

If happiness means to you having a peaceful day without disturbance then start your tranquil day by putting on your Candis white lace underwear, Angelica.

International Day of Happiness acts a reminder of how important our well-being and happiness is. So on 20th March, take the time to do something that makes you happy. I think I’ll wear my Candis pretty lingerie Amity in pink and have a smiley day. What will you do?